Hello from C19 Epicenter

We are actually a few miles south of Myrtle Beach, SC. We are mostly keeping to ourselves but there are groups of people walking all over the place.
When I leave the house, it will be to go paddling or fishing.
We have both of our daughter’s families with us.
Wish us luck.

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The epicenter…?

Seems like the news thinks it’s Florida or As.

Just saw some new numbers. S Carolina well up there too, just not in the top three.
With the highest numbers coming in from the south, west and California… I suspect the epicenter is in some unsuspecting town in Kansas.

You should be getting tons of Florida tags up there this time of year…
Be afraid, be:very afraid . :mask

The $64,000 question: all those people walking around wearing masks?

Michigan’s new executive order goes into effect on Monday: It requires any business that is open to the public to refuse entry or service to people who refuse to wear a face covering (with limited exceptions), the use of face coverings in crowded outdoor spaces, and requires face masks be worn whenever an individual is in an indoor public space. Violation is a misdemeanor with up to a $500 fine.

But not a word about enforcement and already some small local businesses are publicly stomping their feet and announcing they’ll refuse to abide. Loads of anti-maskers also thumping their chests.

It’s a crazy world out there.

Do they really have these English sounding place names at the epicenter of the virus?

In one area of NY state all the names are from Roman and Greek history. Because they sent a bunch of Harvard grads out to do the mapping for the new towns. Around me tons of Dutch names. Lots of European influence.

In states where the Governor brought the hammer down early and hard on masks, like NY and NJ, there have not been nearly as many issues as in states that tried to let people be personally responsible first.

NYs fines for lack of compliance to CoVid rules came out the door at 1000 bucks for individuals and twice that for businesses. Per incident. I don’t know how many have been levied, but Cuomo did not waste any time trying to be nice. With NYC to manage, he did not have the luxury. And we are now among the lowest in the nation, so it is hard to argue w it.

I was trying in a witty way to give a hint that the epicenter of this virus was in another part of the world, which does not have English place names.

Gosh am I glad I live in Canada. Only 220 cases yesterday. :wink: Start wearing y’er damn masks people… you’re gonna F-up College football season, damnit.

I was at Lowe’s the other day. South East Pa. Man and woman in line ahead of me had no masks on. Pa and Lowe’s require masks. I politely reminded them that masks are required and they went off on a rant that no one died of the virus. I asked about the 130,000 deaths and that masks protect others, he said I watch too much CNN. To diffuse the situation which was getting heated, I walked away and went to the service desk and complained. The manager called me later and said he requested they leave. We are doomed with idiots like this walking around.

All the people I’ve seen are going or coming from the beach. Our daughter went to the grocery last evening and said she saw only two people wearing masks.

Hunker down and keep yourself safe. That’s largely what we’ve been doing here on Cape Cod since late March…

We’re still not going into grocery stores (doing curbside pickup) and doing food pickup only. No dining out yet, extremely limited other shopping (I’ve taken two brief trips to HD).
Not much in other interactions, except with neighbors.

We are getting out a lot…we live near a large conservation area, with fabulous trail running and mountain biking. And I’ve been getting the kayak out on our kettle pond once a week or so… Quite windy and choppy today!

Weird way to live, but…

Three of us are able to work from home (adult son is hunkered down with us), daughter had to go back to work in a nearby state…

That’s us.

Laying low also. Wife and daughter working from home. I’m on furlough. Luckily there are 4 lakes within 35 min and the Schuylkill River is only 5 min away. Also plenty of places to walk in nature.

Yup. My daughter and family came for a visit. We avoided close contact… until my 4 year old grandson jumped up in my wife’s lap. She loved it and just held him there for a while.