Hello from Germany

Hello from Germany,
my name is Dirk and I am from Cologne/Germany. I’ve been canoeing for more than 40 years, mostly canoes of the Gatz brand.
Now I get a new Trak 2.0 in May this year and hope to find a lot of news and interesting discussions about Equipment and Locations.
Keep safe and healthy.

Welcome Dirk!

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Thanks a lot. :wave:t2::wave:t2::wave:t2:

HI Dirk…a hearty welcome to you.

Looking forward to your thoughts about your Trak 2.0 when you receive it.


Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new boat Dirk! I’ve been to Koln quite a few times on business trips, it’s a lovely city. I learned a little German while visiting…zwei Kolsch!

Hello Tom,
Thanks a lot. Nice to hear that you like Cologne. I am on the Canary Island La Palma right now. Hope to get back to Germany mid of May to get my Trak Kayak. I am looking forward to test it
I’ve made already some suggestions for improvement on the jack at Trak Kayaks. It looks like that they already working on it.
I will report in the forum.
Take care.

Welcome Dirk! I spent 2 weeks in Hannover then took a road trip to belgium, france, and the netherlands. I love love love that entire area. Tough times in the canary islands :slight_smile:

I am supprised to lookup Gatz Canoe and see a ‘real’ (Canadian) canoe! you never hear of canoes in europe it seems. Or when you hear of ‘canoe’ they mean an ICF canoe.

Anyways, welcome to the forum and happy paddling!

I owned Gatz Mohawk, Ojibwa and a Yoho 2 seater Kevlar/Carbon. Terrific boats

Welcome Dirk! My wife and I are each half German but some Irish and Scot snuck into the gene pool. Neither has been to Germany.
Like most here I think it’s great to hear from paddlers from other countries.

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