Hello From Ohio!

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I thought I was a user here on this forum but after typing every password I could think of and then trying to recover password it appears I’m not!

I’m an occasional kayaker that gets out for recreation, relaxation and for such. I camp out of my kayak here and there as well.

Overall for compatible recreation I ride my bicycle and backpack and camp from those as well.


Hello from Wisconsin
Welcome enjoy learn help its a great place

Thanks! Though I am an occasional paddler in a short time I will have more time to spend on the outdoors. When that happens I will be evaluating my kayaks and seeing if they will suit what my activities will be. For now I can MAKE them suit the need and get by just fine but if the needs calls for it I’ll make a few purchases.

Hi from PA

Hey from across the line in PA.

Where ya paddling? I’m not new here as I’ve been wanting a kayak for a while, but new as of 2 weeks ago to paddling with a Craigslist buy. Sounds like you are me, recreation, a little nature watching, that sort of stuff I like.

I might get into camping, but not quite yet. Been spending money like mad on necessary stuff so have to curb it for a while. Need to get some camping items.

Want to get up to Pymatuning Lake some time. Haven’t made it over there yet. Looks like there’s a lake near Cortland that I’d like to check out. I am taking it basically like my bike riding where I want to explore all the rail to trails we have, I want to hit all the lakes around and explore.

Hello from PA and Welcome
This is a really great site for info, resources and friendship. The advice should be heeded as it’s saved me much in time and money, maybe even saved my life by keeping me from doing something stupid.

Thanks everybody…

As for where I am paddling, that varies. Several years ago when I got my kayaks we started to section paddle a local river that ended up at the Ohio River just east of Cinci. Over two years we completed all sections but saved the one that emptied into the Ohio for last. We got on the river, paddled over to the Kentucky side (quickly) and then went a few more miles.

Raising kids, life, etc. jumped up and I have not been on the water much recently. I even had to get my tags renewed as they had expired!

For this trip I’m going to Kentucky where I was raised and doing a trip in for a long weekend.

In a few years when my daughter graduates from high school I’ll be able to join in some group paddles and probably will end up arranging a few.

For a trip I’m here asking some advice about I’ll document it to include the stupid stuff I’ll try. Part of the adventure!

Probably the best I can hope for is that it keeps me from doing something LESS stupid. Can’t avoid stupid as that seems to be where the fun is.

It’s just that beginner lack experience.

cincy paddlers
If you are in the cincy area look up cincypaddlers. Very active group. Large membership.

And even if you’re not
In addition to SW Ohio paddling, Cincypaddlers does paddling trips across the country and around the world. So, they draw from several states.

I’ll Look Them Up
I’ll look them up. I’ve had my kayaks for several years and have done the entire Little Miami, in sections. I’ll only be able to get out a few times a year for a while and then I’ll have some time freed up. Longer trips, etc. Though it means my daughter will have graduated high school and moved on to the next adventure it will also mean I’ll gain back the time we spend on her activities.