Hello: Just beginning, looking for hatch cover

Just starting Kayaking at the old age of 50.
I purchased a used Old Town Dirigo. The space hatch is long gone. I saw the resources online that suggest making a new hatch by first installing a replacement plate, and then cutting a hole i that to install a new rim and hatch. I think I’m heading in that direction, though a bit leery of taking up a new hobby of learning how to cut plastic. If it comes to that, I guess that’s where I’m heading!

Check with Tom at Topkayaker.com He has been the go to guy for kayak parts including hatch covers for over 25 years.


Second kayakhank’s recommendation to contact Tom.

Thank…have done that.

I think the skills I will need to pick up include drilling out rivets to detach the old rim, and maybe using (and purchasing) a jig.

Or have someone do it for you if you’re leery about it or lack the tools.