Hello to Everyone


My name is Hardeep Bedi. I am new member of the community and i like to say hello to all members.


what kind of boating are you into?

welcome to pnet! tell us a little about yourself.

what boat do you have?

how long have you been paddling?

what kind of paddling do you like to do? ( lakes, ocean, river, stream, racing, fishing, relaxed floats, ect)

approx where are you located?


Hello and welcome
It is helpful to provide some information regarding your interests and location in your profile.

Yeah, for example, …
Are you an old fart like most of us, or are you the promise of a new generation? :slight_smile:

Who you calling OLD GBG?
We’re only as old as we feel. Somedays it’s 50, some 80. The 80 days usually follow the 50s.

Hey, I paddle days in Northeast PA. How
about you.

Hi, guys! I’m fine to join your community. I’m sure that we will have a great time!

Hello to you both, from central Wyoming.

Welcome, Benjamin. Where do you paddle?