Hello y’all from North Mississippi

Looking to learn how to create a kayak route in a local river or lake…happy Paddling y’all!

Like on a bicycle: Get the hard part over first. Paddle upstream or upwind first then turn around and go fast back to the car. The fast part makes you feel like Superman.

Welcome Grapeapemon! We Southerners are seldom heard from on here. Like one or two per state. Rex and Medwagone in NC, Andy and I in SC.

Welcome from the Coast! Rex had great advice on route scheduling. Other advice is to avoid areas with heavy boat or jet ski traffic.

Google “paddle trails”, " blueway trails" , and look for state or organized paddle trails. .

When we do it some of those appear…



Remember any river connected to the ocean has tides. I am 30 miles from the coast on the river and we are currently headed for low tide.

Ideal would go with the current and return when it returns.

But remember rivers have flow. Outgoing might seem to last longer than published tides.

Might want to hook up with Bluff City Canoe Club if you’re near the Memphis area. Which part of northern Miss. are you in?