First, I would like to thank everyone for the advice, suggestions and insights they offered. I want you to know that I am grateful to have access to your experience and opinions.

Somalley checked my profile and correctly deduced that I am not really a whitewater type, and his advice was tailored accordingly.

Schizopak’s answer was thorough and detailed, thanks again for the time and effort.

Fat Elmo, well, it was an interesting suggestion, but wearing a prototype in the sun one day attracted too many consarned hungry varmints, and with the Spam squished into my ears, I was afraid I’d be unable to hear the approach of “dem sneaky Mingoes.”

I checked around on the net (thanks for all the links) and shopped around at my local stores. Here in New Jersey there must not be a heavy demand for whitewater helmets, as the local availability was more paltry than I would have guessed.

In the end, I took some of Dr_Disco’s advice about the ear protection, but decided that my intended use did not require me to heed his advice to avoid plastics.

And so, my final choice is…(opening envelope)…


Now, about the color…

I just bought the same helmet
and I really like it-you can remove/replace the ear protection if you want to also.I bought YELLOW- my fave colour!