Help Assembling A Canoe

I just scored a great deal, A Discovery 164 by Old Town. It was $410.00 but the catch was it was brand new but unassembled. Now I have to put it together (Newbie here). It has everything, 2 cane seats w/ hardware, 2 Gunwales, 2 Decks, 1 Center Thwart & Aft Thwart, Model Decals, etc…

It has the instructions but thought anybody who has assembled one before could give me some tips that may not be on the instructions. I know I will need a pop rivet gun and rivets, a drill and 3/16 inch bit, Phillips screwdriver, tape measure and rubber mallet.

Anything else? I’m sure there are things that may make this easier or tricks you may have learned.

Thanks in advance.


Bruce----Mike’s instructions are given
from years of experience. I’m going to print this out and keep it for reference. Thanks, Mike!

One thing I would do is set the seats closer to the midships than the factory installation. Maybe 4"-6". This gives more leg room to the bow paddler and seems to help with secondary stability and manueverability. I was favorably impressed when I paddled bow in a Disco that had been modified this way. You don’t want to go closer to midships than stated because pulling the gunwales in too far decreases initial stability and messes with gear and weight distribution, glide, boat control, and tracking. I’ve paddled a boat that was overmodified and it was work.

Just a thought since you get to install the seats yourself.

Mike! Awesome Instructions
Budweiser Select to let you know Mike!

I really appreciate your help. The instructions are not as clear as I would have expected, especially with measurements of the seats, thwarts, and yoke. It has a chart but only (odd) to the Disco 158 and 169, NOT the 164. I should call Old Town. Weird cause the packet has the 164 stickers in it and refers to it in the booklet & warranty card provided.

For the rivets, do I use stainless steel, Aluminum or galvinized? Not sure what is available.

Also, the wood dowls that hold the cane seats look a bit weak. Will any seat mount work? I saw wood mounts by Mad River (LINK) that look good.

What do you think?

If I will instal a third seat (I’d like to eventially) should I not install the yoke. Will this effect the boats integrity until the seat is installed?

You can see, I have many questions so I really appreciate your help Mike and everybody else.

I want to start part one tomorrow, totally excited.


Yoke is more sturdy than seat.
Yes to yoke! It is stronger than the seat and gives the gunnels more support.

First decide which way you want to paddle when going solo. Then, install the yoke so it will be an inch or so from the back of the seat.

This is a personal touch. I like to drop the middle seat down a few inches from the gunnels. Some canoes have the mid-seat flush with the gunnels.


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Stop bye for one, with the info you gave me, you clearly deserve one…or a few!

Thanks sooo much.

P.S. Called Old Town (Great customer service) and they gave me measurements over the phone and are sending me a copy in the mail.


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Oh yes I did!!!
First, I put it together in midday (not a good idea) as the gunwales were VERY HOT to the touch from the sun.(Black Vinyl Gunwales) I made sure I pressed down hard before each hole was drilled to make sure it was seated right. My hand got so hot I had to use gloves

Second, next time a pneumatic rivet gun will work better, especially if I found stainless steel rivets. I used aluminum.

Third, second set of hands was a must, holding in place and made the job much easier. I would avise anybody doing it to have a friend help.

This has been really cool because this thing really feels like it is mine and I understand how it is put together. I know what will fit where and how to fabricate it as I continue to build and outfit it.