help , Boreal or Perception

I need help. I am buying a new to me touring kayak. First off I am 5’6" , 225 lbs. I an by no means obese just a little overweight. I owned a Clearwater Georgian bay and loved it but just sold it to get something bigger for open sea. I am looking at a Boreal Epsilon p200, Clearwater Gaspe and a Perception Essence 17 footer. I have tried both the Boreal and Perception. I just can’t find a Gaspe close to me to try. The one I am looking at buying is about 300 miles away but for a real good price. I did have a Clearwater Georgian Bay which I love and this is why I am considering the Clearwater Gaspe without having tried it. Can anyone give me there opinion of either of these boats. Thanks

did you check the reviews?
There are several user reviews of the Gaspe on here – it sounds like the only drawback people report is snug clearance in the foot area but at your height that will likely not be an issue. Are you looking at the one for sale on Craigslist in Albany, NY? That is a decent price.

If soemone has a \gaspe please reply
No it is in Maine real decent price. I am just afraid after trying the Boreal that the Gaspe won’t be enough kayak. I could be wrong and I am so mixed up right now. Love the feel of the Boreal Epsilon but then a dealer near me told me that the Epsilon wasn’t that good. The reviews seem good. I think he is just trying to get me into what he has left for a boat and not looking for what is best for me. I am going to try a Boreal Inukshuk and Fjell this week that are new in storage. Thanks for the reply, anyone else don’t be shy. If someone has had a Gaspe please feel free

if a real good deal
If the Gaspe is a real good deal (as in you could resell it for what you pay, or more), maybe just buy it and try it. Otherwise, I’d stick to one of the ones you can try (and try them both again before buying and buy the one that feels best).

Forget what the dealer is saying
He/she is just trying to sell you something. In general Boreal boats are good designs and are nice to paddle. I have paddled two different Boreal boats and liked both. But the most important point is, do YOU like paddling the boat? This is not a life and death decision. Either the Boreal or the Perception boats are likely to prove a better choice. But if you buy one and don’t like it, either can be easily resold. Buying a known design from a known and respected source is always the safest decision.