help buying first touring kayak

I am looking to buy a touring kayak. I found on craigslist a Mainstream Biscayne 14’ touring kayak. It is in great condition and includes a paddle. Here is the add.

My question is if the company (mainstream) is a good company (do they make quality boats)?

And is this a good deal? He is asking $365


P.nets reviews
I’ve never heard of it, but does have a reviews for it:

Perception product, it seems
It appears to be a “house brand” kayak made for one of the big sports retailers by a division of Perception, a no-frills and cheaply outfitted version of one of their other boats. The price is OK (not terrific) if it really is in good shape (not cracked or oilcanned), though I have bought better equipped regular name brand used touring kayaks with a rudder for less. If the paddle is decent (i.e. fiberglass rather than aluminum) that makes it a little better deal. You’ll spend $50 fixing the seat. Probably an OK starter boat you could retrofit with a rudder if you wanted (another $100 to $150). But if you do think you will be paddling in conditions where you might need a rudder, it might be better to hold off until a used one so equipped comes up.