Help - Can you ID this canoe?

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Hi all - I have inherited a 17' (or just under) Sears, Roebuck & Co. (Chicago, IL) aluminum canoe. I believe it was purchased 1981 - model #61009. In-laws believe it was made by Grumman, but I can't seem to confirm online anywhere. It's pretty heavy - 85+lbs. Outside is plain aluminum, inside painted with an aqua color. Any thoughts on who made this and/or approximate value if it's in good shape? It's probably been used less than ten times - minor scratches. Thanks for any help!

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It looks like any Grumman I've seen. Though I'm no expert in canoe manufacturing, it's very possible that Sears partnered with Grumman to sell Sears branded Grumman boats. Before Royalex and other materials became popular, Grumman aluminum boats were the gold standard for rec canoes.

As far as value, I've seen similar boats on Craigslist selling anywhere between $150 to $700. I think those who price on the high end to be delusional, but there may be people who pay that. Personally, I think $300 is the high end of what I would pay for any aluminum boat.

Not a Grumman
That’s not a Grumman. The seats don’t look right, but the main thing is that with a Grumman you never get the impression that someone was being stingy about using rivets. Look at how few rivets they used to attach the gunwales on that canoe! Definitely not a Grumman.

If you go on Flickr and search for “Grumman Canoe” you can find lots of photos which clearly show the “fighter-airplane heritage” behind Grumman canoes: Lotsa rivets!

my Grumman
had seats hung from the rail… The deck was rolled.

Not a Grumman.

Delcraft Alumacraft and Michicraft are all suspects.

Delcraft likely
Thanks everyone - I am thinking it might have been Delcraft - I found some posts indicating Delcraft (later bought by Starcraft?) used to make canoes for Sears back in the late 1960’s. I assume this probably continued. Sounds like this one is not Grumman quality - I will price it accordingly.

Sea Nymph

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Final answer - found the serial number and it starts with SEA - this is Sea Nymph code.

If anyone has opinion about Sea Nymph quality please let me know.
This thing weighs 90 lbs and hull seems pretty thick - seems well made.

FYI - I found the following link to a July 1976 Popular Mechanics sampling of canoes, manufacturers and prices:

I don’t believe it’s a Sea Nymph. They were only in business 2013-2015 according to USCG. I own a Sears 61009 myself and it’s last three digits are 81K which indicate it was mfr’d June 1981. My MIC first four digits are SEAJ which the USCG does not recognize. I believe it to be a Michi-Craft mfr.