Help choosing a kayak

Hi guys I am new to the kayak world, and am looking for one to buy. I am trying to decide between the FeelFree nomad, which is my first choice right now, the Tarpon 100, or something similiar in that price range. I am looking at something that I can take on the rivers in Florida, and still take over to the beach and mess around with it. The nomad is a little more in my price range, have any of you bought one of those of EBay? Your feedback would be very much appreciated! Thanks

More details
It might help to have more details.

What are your intended use?

Is there a reason (besides cost) you’re leaning towards a sit on top?

What kind of water conditions?

Probably a ton of other questions need to be asked.

The water conditions I want to explore are obviosly the ocean, and then some local rivers, both small and large, and lakes. Pretty much alot of water conditions except whitewater. I was leaning toward sit on top for price as well as I had heard they are a bit better for the ocean. Thanks for your quick response.

More thanprice…
For the record, I paddle a sit on top…and love it, everywhere I take it. But more important than price…size. Get one big enough for you to be comfortable. I have paddled the Tarpon (not a 10 footer) and they are wonderful boats, I am actually considering buying a 14’ right now. I have had my Emotion Exhilarator in every type of water I can find…WW, swamps, rivers, creeks, lakes, oceans, caves, and anyplace else I can find. I am not familiar with the other boat you mentioned, but don’t let price be your only factor.

where are you in Florida?
And by the way…anyone have a Cobra Navigator they would like to talk about? I am trying to decide between it and the Tarpon 140.

I have a scupper pro. 14 ft 9 inches but fast for an sot and very well put together. turns on a dime and is a hoot to paddle.

I have paddled the tarpons and they are exceptional boats. (I still prefer the scupper pro but…)

but I agree with the size factor. a 10 footer will limit you. but that might be ok too…read below

A lot of the advice on these forums seems to be very opinionated (which it is) and sometimes seems derisive. I found out that the majority of the people on this forum have already gone the route from smaller cheaper recreational style kayak to bigger and better boats…sometimes very quickly. I really do believe that a lot of the advice is designed to spare you the pain of added expense as you progress in the sport and start wishing you had a longer sleeker sexier I wish it was blue boat.

I have a friend who talked to me extensively about boats, sit on tops, etc and went out and bought a pelican 10 footer. Loves it. He paddles in the lake behind his house, has no intention of taking it anywhere else and is satisfied. that is all that matters.

Now after that long discourse. I would heartily recommend that you go to a couple of paddleshops in the area and ask to sit on and demo some sit on tops. this time of year most paddleshops have their end of season sales and some incredible buys can be had if you time it right…Check with your local outfitters.

Good luck and let us know what you get?


Good Advice
Paul is right…except for the Scupper part.

Think twice before you buy on price.

Check out the QCC 700
Just thought id get that in:-) Seriously you may want to check out the 12’ Sit on tops . there several more styles to choose from, and they will be more efficient and track better then the 10 footers. I have been pretty happy with my Tarpon 120.

T120 and stuff
First off, the key things about most decent sit on tops : #1theyre very capable/versatile, and #2 theyre slow, really slow in comparison to sea kayaks and even touring/rec crossovers.

I owned a Necky Dolphin,Ocean Kayak Scrambler, tried the Scupper Pro and my gf owns a Ocean Kayak Prowler 15.

Prowler has similar speed to the scupper pro but i think should handle way better in conditions.

Scrambler handled everething i could throw at it great, so did the dolphin. My choice of the bunch would be the Scrambler, with both hatches installed and a backrest. good do-everething boat very light and easy to manage yet tracking was actually ok. but don’t expect to sneak up on any wildlife in it because it makes a lot of hull slap.