Help Choosing a Kayak?

I am serious about buying a kayak. I am a fishing addict. I mostly fish in the Big Horn mountains here in Wyoming. Although the weather is usually warm, the mountain lakes are usually still colder than hell in the summer so I imagine a SINK is the answer to what I should get. Mountain lakes experience sudden squalls with choppy water and occassional 6" to 1’ waves. I have narrowed my search to the FS10, Manatee and Glide. The Glide seems to have a higher canoe type hull which appears would be great in choppy water. However, I’m also looking for something that is going to be comfortable for long periods of time, as I cannot fish in moderation (6-8 hours at a crack). Can you guys who know all about this stuff help out somebody that doesn’t know anything? Thanks

Look at the Pungo’s (nm)

Look at WS Tarpon’s, designed for

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fishing, or a canoe.
Or one of these;a great combination of both.

water temperature
First measure the water temperature before you do this. I’ve played in mountain lakes and hpyothermia is a distinct possibility even in the summer. Don’t want to be risking your life to go fishing. If the temps are much below 50 you’ll need to be dressing for the water temperature.

Bill H.

Take a look at the hybrids (canoe/kayak) from WS, Heritage, Native, Mad River, etc. Better fishing platform plus more protection. These aren’t going to be quick though.