help choosing a kayak

hi, i can purchase a ws tarpon 140 or necky looksha 14 for the same price which one do you think is better for a beginner?

One is a sit on top, and the other a sit inside. both good boats for what they are made to be, but very different in what they are made to be. You might want to read the article in Issue 10 on different types of boats (starts on page 6). Can be read online for free at

sot vs sink
thanx for the link. i know the difference between the 2. i dont know what to choose because here in Puerto Rico even the most experience kayakers i see them in sot but everywhere i read that the sink should be better but here seems than only a few kayakers use them.

how do you plan to use it?
In a warm area like you are at, SOT would be the more common. SINKs have an advantage of protecting a paddler from the elements (especially when used with a spray skirt). Important for cold air and/or water locations. Not so much in PR.

How do you plan to use it? Types of places paddling, distances, other activities from the kayak (fishing, scuba, etc.), etc?

Beginner is irrelevant
As said above, each boat has pluses and minuses depending on your usage. Your status as a beginner has nothing much to do with the choice. People have managed to learn to kayak starting with either. That is a matter of your being willing to learn, not what the boat can do.