Help choosing a Sit On for me & my son

Hi there, I’m a UK newcomer to Kayaking and I am looking for advice on a pair of ‘first kayaks’ for me and my 10 year old son to use for mainly river/estuary/lake exploration and I’m torn between the Perception Scooter and Islander Calypso for around £350 although I would also stretch to the Ocean Kayak which I have found for £425 if that would be noticeably better than the other two for what I am after. Can anyone here share their thoughts on this please?

Where are you based in the UK?
My brother-in-law and many of his friends enjoy paddling the coast and rivers of South Devon. Most of them have small SOT kayaks, either the Perception Scooter or its close cousin the Feelfree Nomad (as was - I believe the name is now Roamer). These boats are a lot of fun and perfect for family adventures, including play in the surf. Since they are short, they’re not fast, but careful planning, mindful of prevailing tides, can permit day trips in coastal waters. I’ve experience of the Scooter and Nomad/Roamer and it was playing around in these boats ~ 10 years ago that encouraged me to get back into paddling.

I’m in Berkshire
I’m in Berkshire but occasionally visit Devon so i’m not close most of the time I’m afraid :(. Thanks for the advice on these smaller kayaks, its good to know they are indeed a good introduction. I managed to find a deal on the Islander Calypso with seat last night for £315 which seems like a bargain and the shop is local too so I think that has probably made my mind up! I really like the look of the Scrambler 11 but nobody else seems to use them and that extra cost is off putting! Thanks again…Grant

Bournemouth Canoe
Bournemouth Canoe (not that far from you?) seems to have quite a stock of sit on tops including the Roamer for 249 and the child-sized Kea for 288.