Help choosing an Ocean Kayak Model

Hello, I’m a larger female, 5’11" and about 220# (a size 18). I have used a Mainstream Kingfish sit on top kayak fishing in Florida last January around the Cape Coral area. I am hooked on kayaking and am looking for a kayak to use on calm rivers, small lakes and larger lakes like Lake Superior in MN. I plan on using it mostly for recreation and some light fishing. Fishing will not be it’s main use but I would like to have the option when going out with my husband. They no longer make the model I used and enjoyed in Florida so I have been checking out the Ocean Kayak line. I sat in a Frenzy and it felt too cramped in the rear and thigh area and would be too small for my weight. I sat in a Venus 11 and it was perfect but states it is for someone who is smaller. I am really struggling to find a place to try one out in my area and most places only have displayed 1 or 2 in this brand. I am really interested in the Scrambler 11 but the seat is only 14" and have found no-one that carries it to try out. I like the size and storage possibilities. It is really confusing that it seams to be designed to carry someone my size but the seat is described as being so much narrower than the others in this brand. Does anyone my size use this kayak? Stores in my area include Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop, Dicks Sporting goods, and REI…and I have been to them all in my quest! Thanks for any advice! :slight_smile:

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the Scrambler XT (12'4" length) and available at West Marine, REI, or check your local kayak shop. If you, I would move up to the Prowler 13' as it's an outstanding kayak to paddle...good speed, very stable, and can take on almost any type of water. I had a 13' but needed more length for the ocean, so went with the Prowler 15' it and have had it on some big 12' swells. OK has discontinued the much sought after Prowlers, but you can get one at Sierra Trading Post on discount...the 15' is $620., really good price and sign on for their email discount coupons to get the price even lower. Love the OK line. Another thought is if you happen to be in the Seattle area, visit OK's factory store and buy a blem for a few hundred dollars less. Happy hunting.|1?N=377%20710%20894&Ne=712&Ntt=kayak&Ntk=Primary%20Search&Ntx=mode%20matchallpartial&Nao=0&Ns=Customer%20Rating|1&keyword=kayak&isLTokenURL=true&storeNum=5005&subdeptNum=10&classNum=806


Thanks Jim
Thanks Jim…I will check those out!

I love my Prowler 13! Those tridents are too wide! If you can go with a 15, for the open water, you should!

Oh…I should mention my car…1995 camry will be my form of transportation…it’s 15’ long…would it look insane hauling a 13’ kayak? I’m leaning towards the prowler 13’…found one in a cool tangerine color too!