Help choosing Kayak

Hey guys,

I moved to Columbia, SC several years ago and have been wanting to get into kayaking as there are several rivers here.

I can’t afford buying one right now so have been looking at trades on craigslist.

The particular kayak i am talking to someone about trading for is a overflow corsica. Would this be worth trading a guitar that is worth $250 for.

Im not looking for something great, just something to get out on the river and learn on. Thanks for the time!


Need more info
WW or flatwater kayaking? What is your size - height and weight?

Kayak hulls tend to be designed for certain purposes and tuned to a particular paddler size.

Help choosing kayak
I guess it would be considered white water. The river here has serval small rapids.

I am 5’10 170.

Thank you for the info!


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You are near the top end of the size range for the Corsica and may not fit comfortably in it. It's a creek boat (for fast streams with moderate rapids) but will track poorly on flat water, being hard to keep in a straight line. Also, it is 15 to 20 years old and the condition of the plastic may be an issue -- check for it looking dry and cracked anywhere and for "oil canning" (large dents) in the hull.

But first off try to climb into it. If you have longish legs or large thighs you may not fit. I have an older ww boat of similar design and volume and I barely fit in it (I am shorter than you but close to your weight.)