Help Choosing Paddle 4 Pungo 120 Angler


Beginner paddler, just looking to see if anyone can recommend me a paddle for a Pungo 120 Angler Kayak.

Im average size torso, but the kayak is pretty wide and I hear you can hit your hands on the side a lot.

Is there any specific makes, modles that someone can recommend me?

If I forgot to add information, please let me know.

Thanks for any advice etc.

Good to be apart of the community.

PS: I’ll be using my kayak on flat water, lakes, ponds and slow moving rivers.

Got an outfitter? Look at Aquabound.
Lots of choices and price ranges. You will probably need at least a 230cm paddle.

thanks for the reply!

You are welcome.A good beginner

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paddle is one with a glass shaft and nylon blades.
Stay away from the cheap aluminum shafts and monster blades.

Are you going

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on and expedition around Africa?

Those boats are most awesome.

Werner reccomendations
I would go with a 230cm paddle. In the Werner line, the high quality yet economical paddle would be the Skagit; it has a fiberglass reinforced nylon blade, a carbon / fiberglass blend shaft, and a MUCH better ferrule adjustment system than the 3-button style that you see on lots of paddles. The Skagit goes for $130 retail. For around $240 you could get a Camano; a full fiberglass blade with the same shaft and ferrule adjustment as the Skagit.

Aquabound paddles have grown
in options. I see a whole bunch of different paddles this year - i am assuming these are bending branches integrated. I have both aquabound and most recently Bending branches breeze plus adjustable length(twilight and evening sizes). The paddles that appear to be Bending branches are the performance ones on the Aquabound website. I am only guessing on this. They have the colors of the Bending branches now which are a nice choice option over the black or white. Some paddlers commented on my green ones as being able to see from a very far distance.

I still prefer my gp though. But with sit on tops a longer paddle 230 or 240 works better for us.

opposit advice from a 230 skagit
I’get get a 205 to 215 paddle and learn to paddle with that. You’ll go faster and farther with less effort. You also track in a straight line better. And you learn your paddle skills more quickly.

If you want to see what I mean come borrow my Werner Skagit 230, please!

I love the durability and blade shape of the Werner paddles and have yet to breat one, but 230 is too long for about 90% of paddlers and the Skagit may be heavier duty than you need.

29" beam?
I would generally agree to get something shorter and learn a good higher angle stroke, but is that really possible in a 29" wide boat? I’d think he’d have a hard time getting the blade into the water anywhere forward of his knee with a 210 cm paddle.

Just went through all that . . .
For my 30 inch beam Manta Ray fishing SOT. I spent some time communicating with the Bending Branches/AquaBound folks and was very impressed with their plans and direction.

For my purposes, I got a 240CM Aquabound Finstalker - designed for fishing, but it was a close choice; the BB version also looked good. It’s an excellent performer!

If finances are an issue for you at this stage, there is a less-expensive option. I bought the aluminum and nylon(?) 4-piece 230CM “off-brand” paddle made by AquaBound (I think at BackCountry) for a song. It’s a good paddle for the price and, later, if you really get into it and can invest in something lighter and more durable, you can use this 4-piece as an easily-stowable back up paddle.

We have a Pungo120 in the fleet…
I love the AquaBound 2 piece carbon shaft/plastic blade. Touring. Feather adjustment allows you to try out different angles to see what works for you. You can get them on sale for around $150 bucks. I use a 220cm for the Pungo120 and a Tsunami125. Also have a couple of two piece aluminum/plastic 230cm that I got at the year end sale at a local outfitter. 30 bucks for those. I use them for spares. Both sizes work ok, although the longer paddles work better in the Pungo.

Camano 240 Fiberglass
Eric, I use to own a Pungo 120 but sold it. I’m 6 ft. 2 in. Used a Werner Camano 240 cm which I still have. I also paddled the boat with a 230 cm and I found it to be to short. This paddle is in like new condition. If you are interested $ 175 is my price. Ph 7045334199 Charlotte N.C.