Help choosing paddle.

I just bought a pyranha playboat for a killer price. I am more or less a newbie only having been kayaking a few times before.

But I have no idea what type of paddle I’m supposed to use? I have been doing a little research and it looks like a fiberglass paddle is what I’m after? I also measured my boat - it is 25 wide. And I stand about 5’9. So I think I’m supposed to get a 220cm paddle.

Where I’m confused is some I am seeing are around 300 bucks and some are like 80.

I really don’t want to spend a crazy amount but I also don’t want something that will break first time down the river.

I may have some info wrong here so please any help would be appreciated in helping me choose what type of paddle I need.

Thanks in advance!

220cm is a touring length paddle. I presume you’re doing whitewater with this Pyrahna.

My guess would be 194-197cm. FG is good as are the Carbon infused blades of a Werner Desperado.

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Aquabond makes good starter , and better, paddles. A carbon shaft and nylon blades is a good paddle.
You really can’t judge length without getting in the boat, preferably paddling. Campmor has good prices

My guess is a 230. Shorter and you may be banging knuckles. 240 is too long.

If you intend to enjoy kayaking for a long term, you’ll not regret spending the extra money on a quality paddle. As far as what you need, you’ll need to tell us about where and how you’re paddling!

Assuming you are planning to use that boat as it was designed (white water play), stick to what Marshall suggested. And if you haven’t ever taking white water classes (and learned to roll - pretty much a requirement for white water play) , sign up for some intro to white water classes at your local white water outfitter.

If you are looking to do touring, then String;s suggestion would be closer (but you really don’t want that boat for touring).

Peter, thank you for pointing that out.