Help choosing the right kayak

Hello All!
I’m new to kayaking ,I’m looking to do class one or possible two rapids (nothing crazy) Dicks is having a sale this week on kayaks , I was thinking of getting one from them , could anyone possibly recommend the best one for doing rapids ? Any help is greatly appreciated , I have no idea what to look for or how to chose the right one. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions !

Suggest you ask the experts at Dicks, you know the 18 year old assistant manager. NOT

This is a joke, right? Or a test for others to identify everything that will get you harmed or killed? It appears no effort to research or review other than this posting

Dicks has nothing for what your purposes seem to be.

Give a start by reading an article in California Kayaker Magazine on different types of boats and what conditions they are made for. Issue #10 and can be read online for free at

Dicks sells recreational class kayaks and sit on top kayaks.

In even class I white water, a rec boat will swamp (SOTs may flip, but at least should maintain their flotation).

If class II, definitely look into learning some basic whitewater skill and getting a whitewater specific boat. The standard is sit inside white water kayaks, but sit on top white water boast are available. As are inflatable white water kayaks (sometimes called duckies).

This all said, here is a recent news story about Dicks being sued by some people:
Cause was a mixture of Dick’s employee not knowing what a part of the kayak was for and removing it (when it shouldn’t have been) and the buyers taking the recreational kayaks in class II water which they (buyer and kayak) couldn’t handle. This is an example of why you got the automatic response by many here about how you should not buy a kayak from a big box store like Dicks, but instead go to a specialty paddlesports shop.

Agree with Peter-CA. Even if it doesn’t produce a tragic result, the rec kayaks at places like Dick’s are not going to last for squat in a moving water environment. Better off for the money getting a used boat that is appropriate and someone else already got scratches in for you. Where are you located? Might help people direct your search.