help dating early P&H Sirius

Am assisting friend date her P&H Sirius kayak. Any help is appreciated from the collective wisdom. Has no HIN and interior MFG decal is worn off. Has rear deck molded insets for paddle and a metal skeg. Deck color is now faded robin’s egg blue over white hull. Front hatch is round 9 inch with VCP cover. Rear oval likewise VCP and no day hatch. Thanks in advance.

Maybe a long shot but…

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These folks have been around a long time and I think were a P&H dealer in the early days of those imports. The problem is that, until a change in management somewhere after 2000, P&H would only ship boats to a dealer in the USA if they could take an entire crate themselves. Even in the heyday of people buying sea kayaks, that was too tall a reach for most dealers.

I tried finding any info on a P&H dealer that used to be on the south shore of Long Island, a bit east of Bellport, around 2000 - 2003. They were an exclusive P&H dealer and I tried a Sirius there, though I think still a bit newer than the one you describe. But I could not find hide nor hare of the place or its prior owner. A big guy, red hair I think and younger than me by a good bit. So he might still be around if anyone knows of whom I speak.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

…should be etched into the gelcoat on the stern.