Help Decideing

would like kayak for calm surf and lake use.

want to fish on occasion.

choices and price:

Heritage Dolphin-245.00 no paddle(not sure about seat)

Emotion Charger- 270.00o paddle or seat

Hobie Lanai- 499.00 with seat and paddle.

would like to attch a rod holder to rear.

if all are as stable and manuverable. I’ll go with price…if any are noticeably different I’d rather take best all around make.

thanks for advice


test drive
If at all possible, take them out for a test drive and see which feels best to you. If it is a kayak dealer you are buying from, many also have rentals that you can use (often even allowing you to apply he rental fee towards a later boat purchase).

What’s calm surf?


Calm surf is where
a person is on the internet and on their meds at the same time !!!

help dcide
sorry meds wore off.

calm surf…past breakers in slat water


Take advice from strangers on
the internet. And do whatever they tell you. Everyone here has your best interest at heart, really.

The 5th wave after the big boat passes

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is calm surf.

Howard make up your own mind (you already know which one you want) and you'll be happier with your choice.