Help deciding on a surfski

Need help choosing between a Futura ll and an Epic V7. Want something with good stability to be used as a workout boat.

Consider the Epic V8. It has normal kayak dimensions with 18’ x 21.25" wide. My experience was good and I have never been in a Surfski until I flew down to Dana Point CA this past March and entered a open water race. I chartered a V8pro which is slightly longer and narrower than the V8 (V8pro20’ x 20"). I was doing fine first leg of the course and got cocky rotating my stroke to aggressively and flipped. Having never practiced getting back into the boat my learning curve was super steep. I had to get help from a chase boat to remount. A friend was also racing in his V8 and his stability was a lot better than my V8pro. I assume that i will get used to the narrow beam and so I am looking for a Huki SR-1 which is 20" x 18.5". I do like being in the longer narrower boats. I did a demo in a V10L which is 20’ x 17.5" and I think that I can get there after about a year in a more modest boat. Have fun!! Paddle-on Lads

My first (and only) experience with a surfski was an Epic V7. Did about 10 miles on Lake Huron. Very stable boat, good workout, and I loved being able to fully rotate. If I didn’t already have too many kayaks, I’d buy one.

I have a Fenn Mako XT, 19’ X 19". Took me 2 outings to get used to it, have had for about 6 years and am quite comfortable on it.

Both will be good for a workout but the V7 will be more stable if that’s your main concern. On the other hand, you’ll work your core a bit more with the Futura to keep it stable.

I had a Stellar S18. A very stable ski and a beautiful boat. My back made me sell it and I still miss it.

I need to try one but now Jersey Paddler is gone.