Help decoding a serial number

Picked up a canoe from Craigslist for a friend tonight. I’m pretty sure it is a 16’ Dagger Legend (or something very similar). It has no name on it. Serial number is XTC71487B797. Anyone know what manufacuturer or model is hidden in that number? I know it was built in 97. I can’t think of any other boats from 97 that resemble a 16’ Legend. Ends are not pointy enough for an Appalachian. Definitely not a Dimension. It’s pretty deep.

It needs a deck and some gunwale repair.

more info
Looks like it’s an Old Town according to this chart:

Maybe it’s an early Appalachian? Current Appalachians have a finer entry line than this boat. Was Old Town making another 16’ river tripping canoe in 1997?

I agree

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It is certainly an old town, as I recognize the XTC prefix, and made in 1997. But you already knew that.

I seem to recall that they may have had a "discovery" poly version of the Appi. I know the 169 was basically the tripper, and the 164/174 were Penobscot shapes.

Memory fails. I will research.

OK - Discovery Scout is another option. If it weighs 78lbs and doesn't seem quite like Royalex it might be this. I used the wayback machine:

Call Old Town
They have kept the records of every boat they’ve ever built by serial number. They can tell you exactly what it is.

figured it out
In the daylight I figured it out. You are right, it is a Scout. It’s polyethelyne not royalex. Needs a deck and a gunwale repair but good for $200.