HELP! Dry top seams need retaping.

My drytop is in need of repair. It is a Kokatat whose seams are losing the waterproof tape covering them. It’s breaking into small pieces as it flakes off the seam. The rest of the drytop fabric is fine.

I wrote to Kokatat and they noted they do not sell the tape.

Is there a source where one can purchase this item in order to do the seams myself.

I did a search here on p-net but apparently I didn’t enter the right wording as nothing came up for this subject.

Thanks for your input.

What kind of tape is it?
If it is Gore-tex seam sealing tape, only an authorized Gore-tex repair person is allowed to buy it. Did you ask them where to send it for repair?

If it is not and you don’t want to get into mailing the top here and there, you can apply a thin layer of McNett AquaSeal to reseal the seams.

I have read good comments here
about this outfit -

Is it a Gore-Tex top?
If so, the seam tape should be covered under warranty.

EBay But
I have seen the tape on EBay once in a while. But frankly, the best solution is to send it in to Kokatat. The tape is a real pain to get right at home. I had a bit and tried at one point to just touch up a foot… suit went back to Kokatat two days later.

Gore-Tex or Tropos?
Really depends on what the material is. If Gore-Tex, send it back to Kokatat and they will repair it.

If it is made of Tropos, a coated fabric, once the seam tape comes up, new seam tape won’t adhere to it again. Tropos carries a 2 year warranty against that issue.

If Tropos, then just use something like this to seal the seams:

We have one Tropos suit, which Kokatat has re-taped parts of long after the warranty has expired. Given that, I’m not sure what to make of your statement that it cannot be done.

Tape lifting versus not

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It sounds like the tape has fully lifted in the case of the OPer, with shredding underneath. The reapir to seam tape I've had done on my Tropos suit was when things hadn't gotten quite that far, so they were able to just put on more tape and cover the area that wanted to leak.
Of course in my oldest suit the feet can now stand up by themselves...

Got Tape
Here’s one.

How old is the suit? I had a very early Gortex Kokatat jacket and I used to just patch it with Aquaseal. Still have it but it’s beat beyond belief. I consider it a splash proof jacket now.

I don’t know the age of the top as I

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purchased it from someone who posted it on p-net. The outer material is still in realy good shape, but the tape is pretty brittle and flakes off in peices.
Kokatat just noted that they don't sell the tape and didn't even mention being able to repair it and I mentioned in the e-mail that the top was a Kokatat.
Thanks to all who shared info. This is one of the reasons I frequent this site. You're a great community.

Regardless what it is made of
You can seal the seams by painting a thin strip of AquaSeal on them. The stuff out of the tubes can be pretty thick, so buy some Cotol-240 thinner/accelerant also.

Thanks for the information.

try Kayak Academy

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I was just there last week getting a gasket and they were setting up a workshop area for seam taping. Not sure when it'll be ready but it's worth a shot:
Also try

If you seamgrip/aquaseal your own, get a monojector syringe with the curved plastic tip and let the sealant sit in a cup of warm water for a while to thin it out. Alcohol wipe the seams first.

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