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On Aug 11/12 2007 2 kayaks and 3 paddles were stolen from the launch at Living Adventure Inc in Bayfield, WI.

If any one has any information or if anyone tries to sell you any of the following items please contact Living Adventure: toll free: 866-779-9503 local: 715-779-9503. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.

Kayak #1
Nigel Dennis Kayak: Explorer LV (Low Volume)
Hull: Black
Deck: Red
Trim: Black
Keel Strip: Black
No stickers on Deck
“Explorer” sticker on both sides

Kayak #2
Northwest Double Expedition Kayak
Deck: Red
Hull: White

One Lendal Paddle: Black Graphite Bent Shaft (2 piece)
Two Aqua Bound Paddles: Black Shaft/ Yellow or White Blades

that angers me…
…and I will keep my eyes peeled here in Iowa just in case they come through here.

Just curious, were they left alone at the launch site un-secured? How long were they left there? Did anyone see a vehicle in the area or nearby?

I hope that they are recovered. And I hope they fry the idiots who stole them.

Kayaks and Paddles Recovered
Thank you to all who kept there eyes open for Living Adventure, Inc’s 2 stolen kayaks and 3 stolen paddles.

Everything was recovered on Aug 15.

We appreciate your help.

Catch the culprits?
Good news. Any charges filed?