Help finding canoe brand

Hoping someone can give me the company name or web page. I can see the web page pictures in my head but can’t find the freakin’ link or the name. Driving me nuts!!!

I was having a discussion with a friend about decked canoes. Discussion turned to smaller decks or “semi decked” canoe. I remember seeing one small company that makes a canoe like this.

They had a main lower hull as one piece. And then it looked like the upper hull incoporated a shouldered tumble home and the end caps all into one piece. Almost looked like a recreational kayak but with a longer, more open cockpit.


here ya go!

covered canoe
are you thinking of the rob-roy by bell canoes

no and no

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the deck ends only covered about 18" of each end but it was worked in as one solid piece with the gunwales.

Phoenix Vagabond?


Does the winner get a prize? ;^)

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Know the one you mean I think, but darned if I can remember what or where.

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yes, the winner gets…
Mick’s Flashfire!

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This is seriously starting to bug me. I can picture the boat in my head. I think the one on the site was like a brown-ish color. But that could be just my feable brain transposing.

A guess …
Millbrook Canoes/Kayaks???



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Wha Ho!

In the early '90s I paddled a 5 meter (16'+/-) "canoe" called the 'Bavaria' in what was a few years before, East Germany. Built in the Czech Republic with the characteristics you are talking about, but made from very heavy duty fiberglass (I believed they used the specifications from the WWII King Tiger tanks as a model), weighed about 125 pounds and had long one-piece decks/gunnels. Four, yes, 4 seats. The European idea of the "Canadian Canoe". Worst canoe I ever paddled but thats all they had there at that time. But I guess that wouldn't be the one you heard about.

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Still trying to figure out what brand canoe that was.

Starting to beome an obsession! ;-p

Saw a Picture
of something like that just recently, but can’t remember where. Was it an early Pat Moore, or a Blackhawk?


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that’s easy then…it’s called the suzy creek canoe by henry canoes. now where’s that flashfire? :wink:

that is not it either…unless you have a link I’m not finding.

oh well…
how’s my row boat going? the X-tra is about ready for the hull glass. looking pretty good.

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We still need to discuss a few things.

Easy Rider?
It doesn’t exactly seem right, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

maybe I’ll have to draw a sketch of what I’m talking about.