help finding discontinued kayak paddle

looking for a paddle once made by Werner.

It is very reminisient of a Greenland paddle with very long thin blades but the blades were ‘separate’ from the shaft…the paddle was very very long…if any know the name of this paddle I would appreciate it…more so, if any one here knows the location of one for sale that would be even better.

Arctic Wind?
if memery serves me correct

tcar, that’s it! thanks
now off to try to find one…i saw a pic of what i think was a bardaika and the paddles they were using (mind you this was an old old black and white print) were very long and extremely pointy much like this paddle we’re talking about…I would love to find one, fingers crossed.

You would be far better served by…
… getting a decent Greenland paddle, or an Aleut paddle, IMO.

There is a lot more to their magic than the long narrow blades. Their shapes more complex than flat blades on a stick. All the shapes matter, the volume functional, and the grip shape and spacing key.

Go to Beale Paddles for a good custom sized paddle at a fair price, or of you have a high budget try a Superior Carbon.

You could carve you own (see Chuck Holst plans as a starting point for GPs, someone else can offer Aleut plans), but I feel that few people can carve a good paddle without seeing a few and paddling with them a bit to understand what they’re all about. Easy enough woodworking, but you need some understanding of what it is you want to get a decent result.

thanks Greyak
you took a lot of time in responding. I’ve been paddling with a Superior Kayaks carbon GP for almost 3 years now and have several other GP’s from private hands and companies like Betsy Bay and Cricket…and a Beal Norsaq. I want to find the Arctic Wind not so much as to use but to possess…it was the length of the paddle that shocked me…i’m thinking around 2-3 feet longer than my Superior GP…a conversation piece if you will and honestly I liked the look of it. Its been years since I saw the paddle so I doubt I’ll find one anyway.

Yeah, sorry
Thought about your other paddle experience after posting! L Was going to delete and got distracted on another thread…

I saw an Arctic Wind once. Also another similar I can’t recall maker as well - but without the length. Some comments over at QajaqUSA too.

Similar desire
Several years ago I was looking for one - in an effort to minimize shouolder discomfort by using a smaller surface area blade. They had just disappeared from the market, and I posted a question on P-Net about them.

To my question, “Why were they discontinued?” one poster replied “They didn’t work!” At the time I didn’t have a GP, and I was not aware of the various hnd positions possible, and now I can see why they did not work.

But like you, I wouldn’t mind having one in my collection. Didn’t Cadence have a similar blade?Jim


tsunamichuck thanks but i was
too late, that’s what i get for spending a week on the AT…but good to scan e-bay everynow and then for one :frowning:

Not the same thing, but