Help finding elusive Kokatat hand Sun protection

Hell all! I just completed a 5 week expedition and ended up getting a reaction to sun/exposure on my hands after the first week. (polymorphous/ic light eruptions). An extremely generous kayaker we met while resupplying three weeks in, lent me his which I ended up losing near the end of the trip in the surf.

I’m having an extremely hard time finding the gloves to send replacements to him. They were beige Kokatat 'mittsʼ that covered the top of the hands, with a velcroed wrist band, and two elastics to loop over the fingers, (Spock-style), leaving your bare hands on the paddle shaft.

Does anyone have a pair (or know someone who does) to sell me that I can send on to this kayak angel!?

Give them a call or drop a line with an email.

Look on their site if it isn’t there they don’t make them any more.

Mail him a check for 100 he can buy what he wants and your then out of it.

Were they pogies?

Sound like pogies with no lining.

Hi all, yes I called Kokatat and they no longer make them or have any hiding in a box anywhere. They were these: Playak

I’ll send him some others but if anyone comes across a pair that aren’t being used, I’ll happily buy them.

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