Help finding HIN on bell Wildfire.

I bought a two year old green royalex Bell Wildfire yesterday and the previous owner and I couldn’t find the HIN no matter how hard we tried.

Does Bell put HINs on their royalex canoes? If so, where do they put it?

After the rain stops, I may try taking some paper and a pencil and do some rubbings on the hull under the gunwales on the bow and stern and see if I can get an outline of a number. Maybe the number is there and just very faintly stamped.

The previous owner didn’t have the original paperwork to give me. Michigan (where I bought it doesn’t require non-motorized boat titles, so that isn’t a resource. IL (where I live) does require canoe & kayak titles, so it would be good to have a serial number.

I’ll also try contacting Bell tomorrow if I don’t find it sometime today.


HIN location
Manufacturers have to put HIN numbers on their boats. It should be located on the outside right rear an inch or two below the gunwales.

On my wildfire
there is no HIN on the outside rear starboard, where it is supposed to be.

Look for a small paper tag on the inside of the hull, rear starboard, or on the air chamber.

If it’s like mine, look on a bright day.

Thanks guys, still no number.
The outide of the hull is completely smooth except for some mold marks and dents, no numbers.

The only paper I’ve found on the inside so far is the factory warning sticker next to the seat and I don’t think there’s any HIN on it.

Maybe I’ll find it when and where I least expect it.

Mine’s on the inside, starboard stern, just below the gunwale and just ahead of the thwart/handle. It appears to be writen with a Sharpie. Spare no expense, huh?

Pete in Atlanta

Thanks Pete. Still no joy.
I’ll check with Bell on Monday.

Actually 2 HID #s required on each hull.

– Last Updated: May-01-06 9:00 PM EST –

One visible and one hidden.

The visible one is to be inside or outside near the stern on the starboard (right) side up under the gulwales.

The hidden one, if they actually comply and install one, is normally opposit. Find it on the port side of the bow. Trick is it is to be hidden, as in under the gunwale. Do you feel like removing your gunwales?! Especially to find out they did not comply, as most do not, and still be empty handed? ;^)

My Bells all have HIDs. Some in felt tipped marker inside. Some embossed outside. At least one ingraved plate outside.

Good luck.



Do you know if he was the legal owner?
Some folks are good at ‘reallocating’ boats. Just my suspicious side kicking in.

Still no sign of a number.
No holes in hull where an ID plate could have been mounte.

No marker on the inside of the hull.

No paper tags inside.

Vinyl gunwales are rivited on, so I won’t be removing it.

I talked to a rep at Bell and he said that that model should have either a brass plate on the outside or marker on the inside.

I just emailed the seller to see if he remembered cleaning off a number written in permanent marker fromt the inside of the hul or if he could contact the dealer he bought it from to see if they still have records of the sale.

Thanks for all of the suggestions.

I have his name, address and phone number on the hand written bill of sale, so don’t think it’s a stolen boat. Thanks for your concern.