Help finding part for discontinued kayak

I am trying to find replacement seats for a keowee II tandem kayak.

It was made by perception, but they no longer make them (ours are

almost 15 years old). I tried to contact perception, but they told me

I would have to call a dealer b/c they don’t sell parts and the

dealers I’ve talked to said they don’t know how to get the seats, but

suggested that I might be able to find a retro-fit kit? Does anyone

know how I would find one of these that would fit the keowee II?

Hi…try doing a internet search to begin with …i would enter in the name of the kayak and see where that takes you…maybe a dealer has a leftover that is damaged or is willing to part with cheap. i did a quick google search and found a few sites that still had those kayaks…call the dealers if u have too. another thing is look at the seat. alot of times various companies will buy parts from a single/same manufacturer. you may be able to adapt a seat from another kayak to work.

It may help to state your location , maybe someone in your area can direct you to a well stocked dealer who just may have leftover parts. good luck

I suggest cutting and glueing foam to
make seats. Try to get the foam from packing or some similar cheap source, as you don’t want to spend more for a 15 year old boat.

Find the Perception Rep for your area
He knows all of the dealers and could possibly find replacements.