Help finding used boats

Hey all! I am having a really tough time finding used kayaks. I have narrowed it down to a Current Designs Whistler and a Tsunami 140. I have spent hours and hours searching the internet with no luck. If anyone happens to know any secrets to finding these boats, please let me know. Thanks!

I have done well with

Also, I have seen posting on bulletin boards of local kayak shops and with local kayak groups.

There’s a Tsunami 14 ending in 40 min.
On Ebay, in South Carolina. Though I wouldn’t really recommend an Ebay newbie diving into something on 40 minutes notice (assuming you even see this in time).

Oh, this one’s new
And the reserve probably puts it out of “used” price range.

Local Dealers? Local Clubs?

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Have you checked with any of the local dealers like Alabama Small Boats in B'ham or Terrapin Outdoors in Piedmont? This time of the year they should be looking to sell old inventory (new items but at a discount) or demo boats.

Also, check the message boards of the local paddling clubs. Many of the ones I belong to have a "Swap Shop" board or a "Classifed" section. If they don't have what you're looking for consider posting an "Items Wanted" ad of your own. You may prompt someone to sell an item they might not be advertising or generate leads that can put you in touch with the right person.

I wish there were a website…
… that had a collection of used kayaks from all different sources. I’ve had the same issue as you - trying to find a particular boat used. There are just too many places to try and poke around.

Maybe I should build something like that…


Good idea…

(If it ever flies I want royalties for the name!)

craigslist or ebay…
I bought both of my boats off of ebay. Paid in cash so that I had a chance to inspect them before buying… Try to be patient. It took a while (3-4 months) for me to find the right boat at the right price. I would check once a week for boat in a 100 mile radius and then read the reviews on this site.

Good luck out there… Tom.

used boats?
This site has a used boat section for kayaks and canoes. VF

Isn’t that what p-net classifieds
are for?

It’s not expensive to post an ad, and the target audience couldn’t be better.

Tsunami May be Tough to Find
Because its a new model.

Spring Creek…
Spring Creek in Minnesota sells Current Designs and Wilderness Systems used, demos and seconds. I bought a Cape Horn from them a couple years ago and a friend just bought a Tempest. Family owned business, really nice folks, good prices. I picked mine up at their shop so I’m not sure how much shipping would be for you but it might be worth it for you to give them a call

wait til early 2008
both these models are new or fairly recent, so not many will show up for sale. But by January or February, dealers will have their 2008 boats on order or coming in (depending on region) and they like to get those 2007 boats (floor or demos) out the door. classifieds
I’ve sold two QCC700’s using the free classified section. This is a great resource for buyers and sellers.

pnet classifieds
Bought a sea kayak (North Shore Fuego) last December from a man in San Francisco and my friend bought his in October (P&H Bahia) from a man in Florida. We are both very happy paddlers and our experiences with the sellers were very good.

Just recently bought a Perception SuperSport from a cool woman in Indianapolis via craigslist.

Both pnet and craigslist allow you to list “Want to Buy” Used that feature on craigslist and the Indy seller contacted me before listing it. At a very fair price, too, with a new Perception neo skirt and Protec helmet thrown in.

Might try that, too.
Thanks for the suggestions! had some great boats at GREAT prices…BUT, they don’t ship. If anyone knows anymore great dealers like that, please let me know. I have Googled “used kayaks” etc. about a thousand times and I never saw that site. I know there are more that I just haven’ found yet. Thanks again! Maybe I’ll have that perfect boat by Spring!

Tsunami for sale on CL…

Whistlers -check here - they ship
they have a Whistler w. rudder and one without.

They are good peoples - got my Epic paddle from them.

in Texas - Austin Outdoors - have one $759.20 call them about shipping - 512 473-2644

I found both of these in a 20 second Google search - search specifically, e.g. Current+Designs+Whistler+sale. Gets you right to the point. Boolean operators is the sequencing term.

have a nice weekend js!

Which transporter did you use to get
your Fuego from San Francisco to MI?

Forward Air - for yanoer
which is actually a terminal to terminal trucking company. They did a five star job in transport and communication. From SF to Taylor, MI was $124 which included insurance at full value.

If you want details on shipping a kayak with them, email me. Have had the pleasure of having shipped two kayaks via Forward Air last year and can give you or your seller some tips on packing, logistics etc.