Help: fishing kayak features

Hey all, I just purchased a feel free Moken 14 a few months ago and I am not familiar with fishing kayaks. I’m primarily using this as an expedition boat for solo overnight trips down the Missouri due to its stability and high weight limit. Even after researching for several weeks I’m a little stumped on the following.

  1. What are the two square molds just past the foot pegs (circled). Best I can assume is for tackle boxes or battery?
  2. There are two scuper holes under the standing pad, which doesn’t seem to be removable. Is this normal? Any suggestions on how to plug them up? An upside down scuper on the bottom would fall out I would assume.

I did call the company but it didn’t seem like they had a good answer either, but there must have been a reason for the design. Hoping the experienced community here might be be able to help, thanks in advance!

I haven’t a clue but

  1. Looks like a good spot for shoes, or whatever you want.
  2. Why do you want to plug the scuppers? I like a dry boat and you always get water in them.

  1. Funny that you say that, that’s exactly what I’ve been using them for! Haha

  2. I plug them up in the winter, big waves push cold water up in the boat and that can be a surprise! Once in I get in I typically don’t have much water additional water get in the boat with me.

If you find yourself in rough water, and the waves/chops are coming over the top, make sure to take out the scuppers ASAP. If the water is not draining, you are going to find an unpleasant surprise as the water filled boat becomes more unstable, leading to a capsize.

Test it out yourself. Leave the gear onshore. Take a bucket with you and fill the kayak with the scupper plugs in. You will find and increasing instability as the cockpit fills up.


Thanks! I actually invested in the kind you can drain while keeping the plug in. Still requires intervention but a little earlier than pulling the full plug at least.

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