Help! From unexpected sources

Went for the second paddle of the year on Hartwell yesterday. Had both SOT in the pickup bed which is quite a load when they are 14 and 16 footers.
Got to the ramp about 10 and it was very busy but I got one of the two without waiting. As soon as I backed up, two trucks were waiting.
We hopped out and got busy and a guy walked up and asked if he could help. He was the driver of the first truck waiting. Really friendly guy and we were unloaded and on the water in record time. And out of his way.
Unloading kayaks typically takes me a bit longer than power boats and I have met some very impatient people on public ramps , two to the point of verbal hostility. This restored some faith in humanity.
We had a great paddle on a beautiful morning. Got out at 1 pm .
I was almost amazed when the same man and his wife walked up and offered to help. They had just gotten back in and were loaded and ready to go.
I started to decline, but my partner for the day accepted. There were no boats waiting but she is on the small side and I could barely walk. We were loaded very quickly .
A beautiful day was made more so by caring strangers.


Sounds like there is still hope… Good on them.

I think there are loads of good, kind people around; glad two of them found you, string, and that you had such a great time on the water.

Be the nice guy on the water. Be willing to help people. It is very traditional among boaters.

Knowing you, I expect you’ve been paying this forward for many years. I’m glad you had a great day.