help getting started

My boyfriend and I are planning to start kayaking but neither of us know what the proper equipment to start with. We are in GA there are lakes and slow rivers and canals. I am 5’5", 145 lbs. He is 6’1" 225lbd he is interested in being able to fish from his kayak as well. any suggestions for reasonably priced equipment.

Find a local Outfitter
Try to find someone local who sells kayaks and related gear. Ask around to see how their reputation is. They should be able to help you get set up properly.


check the fishing forum on this site
There is also a fishing forum on this site. May want to go there for advice about fishing.

For fishing in warm water, a lot of folks – especially big guys – like sit-on top kayaks. There’s lots of room to move around, and it’s easy to get in & out.

Given your size difference, you’ll want a boat that’s smaller than his. Not necessarily shorter, but certainly narrower and lighter to make up for the difference in strength and reach.