HELP! Greenlander II parts needed...

Hello all,

During a shipment, Greyhound Package Express lost my longitudinals that go to my recent Folbot Greenlander II and I am in the market for replacements. Does anyone have these longer structural pieces available for sale by any chance?

Ralph M Bohm

two resources
You will likely have better luck if you post your question on the folding kayak forum:

Also, as an owner of folding kayaks myself, I often scan the Ebay listings under “folding kayak” and frequently see postings for Folbot components.

Call Folbot
let them know what happened, they will happily work with you

for the longitudinals…
Thanks Tsunamichuck,

I have initially spoken with them. They quoted me a very high price for the replacement parts. A shame but I may have to go that way.

I also have been checking on the foldingboat forum as well.

Thanks again, folks for replying. The search continues…


Ask on the Folbot Forum
as well