help I painted my kayak

I painted my kayak with a poly plastic paint like I had seen others do it sticks well but scratches easily what can I seal it with to keep this from happening. I know it will scratch a bit but there must be something I can do to slow it down. Any suggestions? ???


Don’t use it
Just leave it in the garage and never touch it. Then it won’t get scratched.

not intended for the purpose
Poly paint is not intended to be used for items that will be subjected to abrasion and scuffing, only for things like porch furniture. There is nothing you will be able to do that will increase adhesion to rotomolded polyethylene or “seal” the paint on. The plastic is not only too slick for paint to adhere well, but it is essentially a soft material and it expands and contracts with temperature changes, which breaks any bond the film of paint might have with the substrate.

Sorry, but painting a plastic boat is NEVER a good idea and you’ll just have to put up with the scratches now as it gradually wears off. Probably should have asked on here first before doing it.

clear coat it
(just kidding!)

How about the …
folks who do the “wraps” on cars and trucks? They may have a product that would work. Or not.


re paint
apply more paint.

Adding a clear coat on a hull seems backwards.

Just let it go

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the distressed look is in these days

Look for a used boat in a color you like
Seriously - kayaks scratch when you use them. Or go with the garage idea.

Not necessarily
I think it depends on the type of kayaking you’re talking about whether scratches are inevitable. I have two poly boats that look at least as good as they did when they were brand new. I treat them with the same care that I do for composites. They are not white water boats.

strip it
If it gets scratched up and is really ugly your options are to repaint or strip the paint off. I have had good luck with Citrustrip.


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The spray on stuff works okay on fiberglass, not sure how it works on plastic, I'm guessing fairly well as long as it's clean before applying. I "painted" my surf kayak with this stuff, came out great. Chips\peels slightly if hit hard with the paddle or anything else, not expecting more than a season out of it. Best part is it just peels off in one big sheet to remove it, can change up paint jobs whenever you get the time. Would work well as protection against spare paddles and scuffs on the deck, don't think it would wear well as a keel strip, too much abrasion.

repaint to create

go paintserk ! masking tape…paper…masking tape

my Rendezvous has broken teeth, a multi color rectangle waterline ID strip.

let your spirit flow.

even wahthisname painted over that ceiling.

Wear with pride
An old scratched up boat shows experience.

I once bought an old worn out tool belt when I was asked way I said I just bought years of experience at least it looked that way