HELP - I think I am selling to LOW.


I am new to and am glad that this resource exists, so thank you in advance. I have a 17’ Perception Eclipse that I have had for about 6-7 years. It is a nice boat, kept out of the weather but now that I have younger children that have smaller kayaks, it is more realistic for me to sell the boat and get something that my wife and I can both use (carry) and is more practical… as I am not going on any touring expeditions anytime soon. Hopefully someday my three sons and I can do something like that… but they are young and for now I would like to sell the boat.

I have looked on to get an idea of what I should sell it for but am having a hard time with my search. I have the boat listed on Craigslist (did that before I knew about but have a feeling that I am listing too low.

Could you help me out with assigning a fair price for the boat? Below is the listing that I currently have. I have already received emails - one gentleman was willing to drive up that day and pay the $750! But want to make a wise decision on the listing price.

Link to boat:

Thanks so much for your advice. I think the boat was originally around $1800.

Take care.

My 2 cents
…is that you’ve underpriced it.

Kevlar, right? Light weight fior its length? $750 is a great price for that kind of boat, if everything looks solid with its condition.

If they still sell it what would the boat cost new today? 50% of that price would be a good starting point for thinking of its pricing.

I know nothing of the Eclipse and what paddlers think of it, but if it performs as designed, a fairly priced, light Kevlar hull will always attract buyers.

I agree but don’t
beat yourself up over what you offered for the selling price.

You might have lost a couple of hundred but maybe not. I don’t know your market

adding to what kayamedic said
I wouldn’t sweat it either. Plus, you to answer your question, you have to include one factor you missed: how badly and how fast do you want it gone?

how quickly do you want it gone?
I guess it depends on how quickly you need it to be gone. If I’m reading the ad correctly, you listed it 23 days ago, and reduced the price to “$750 or best offer.” I don’t know what you had it priced at originally, but it seems your price reduction got results.

Looking at listings for this model on the rest of Craigslist, I see four others. What looks to be one composite and three poly models, ranging from $650 to $850. However, three of those have been listed for a month without selling.

I’d bet that it would sell for at least a few hundred more, and sell fairly quickly, if you waited until next spring when more folks are in the market for a boat. But if you’re looking to put cash in your pocket and get it out of the way now, it sounds like you’ve got a buyer today at your advertised price.

Not kevlar.
“Airalite kayaks are co-extruded high-impact acrylic over premium impact ABS.”

The kayak is worth…

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The kayak is worth, what you can get for it.

My father has had a few Perception Eclipse Airalite kayaks over the years. The kayak construction is similar to ABS plastic, not kevlar. They are nice looking kayaks. The only thing lite about the kayak, is in the Airlite name.

He has bought them in the past, from between $350-850. (the $350 one, was a craigslist steal; but not stolen). He has resold them all. All sold between $800 to $1000. We are in a decent market, to sell them. $750 is an ok price. Maybe able to get a few more bucks, in the spring. No guarantees.

We have bought and re-sold dozens of kayaks, over the years. The market and timing you are selling in, is a factor. Easier to sell in the spring, than fall. In eastern NC, the markets starts to dip after Labor Day. Fewer buyers are willing to part with $700-1000 now, only to have a kayak collecting dust till the spring. In the spring tax refunds and cabin fever loosens pockets.


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If you are offering the boat for 750, someone accepted and offered to pick it up, why isn't it sold? The ad says: 'reduced to $750 or best offer' - is that true, or just boilerplate?

Listing something for a low price, then raising the price when a offer is made is a bit of a bait-and-switch. Reneging like this may be illegal in some jurisdictions --- it's definitely bad karma in all. Sometimes you lose a little, but it's a good idea to deal fairly.

I think…
You are right! …and that is what I have been thinking all along. When it comes to potentially a couple of hundred of dollars, in my mind it is worth it to me to have it out of my garage and not have to hold on to something with the gamble of being able to make an extra $200 - $300.

I have definitely learned from my wife to just give it away, or donate it if you are not using it. I just wanted to know if I was off my rocker by about $1000.

Thanks for your input!

Thank you…
I am learning from some of the other readers that it is not Kevlar but the buyer that has contacted me is aware of that and still wants the boat.

I appreciate you taking the time to help out!

I am all about pricing to sell and moving forward.

I have a friend that is always looking to pick things up at thrift stores or other sales and resell them. Granted this could make a profit if enough items resell for the prices you ask… but I do not have time for that kind of “hobby”. Much happier to give an honest price and move forward with my life.

Thanks for your help.

Air"light"… I think not.
I like your reference to the weight. :slight_smile:

So true and very cumbersome. I enjoyed the boat but now I am in a position where I am unloading it on my own and it is pretty heavy.

I would rather have the weight in my wallet.

Thanks for your thoughts!

I think your price is right on
But if you told the buyer that it is Kevlar—. you have mislead him.

I have a 17 foot poly Perception Eclipse and as I recently posted on another string, I just saw a used one at an outfitters in up state NY for $350.

I think if you get around $700 for an airlite one, I would sell it for that and be happy

jack L

To clarify…
I never accepted anyone’s offer nor contacted anyone. However, upon seeing the inquiries I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t extremely underpriced… in the realm of a thousand dollars. I was not getting any bits when priced at $950.

I do not believe in Karma, but I do believe that people have the potential to be fair, honest and, including myself, should “Love your neighbor as yourself”. If I felt I had to remove the ad, because of my mistake, I would have removed the ad and then reposted in the spring.

However, at this point, because of the help of the community I see that I am definitely “priced to sell”, and am having someone pick it up for the price listed tonight. Though it may be lower than what I could’ve listed it for, I am happy to see it go to a good home, bless someone else, and have some money in my pocket.

Thanks again for all your thoughts!

I Second Carldelo
However, for the kids sake, as long as you haven’t committed, you can change your mind and not sell it at all, to save it for them. Your kids already seem to be enjoying the kayak. In a few short years, they’ll fit perfectly and also be ready to paddle Olympic K-1s too!

Trust me, you’ll never be able to find as good a “kids” boat as what you already have now. Prepare for many more kayaks to come in the future, so start building additional storage space for them.

We’re neighbors, sort of
Lake Charlevoix is one of the inland lakes I regularly paddle. Lovely lake, especially now that all the weekenders have left.

I had looked at your boat on CL, but it’s a foot longer than I want and about 15 pounds heavier.

Good looking boat - but the paddler’s cuter.

Is it Kevlar or airalite? Can’t be both
I sold my Kevlar Eclipse/Sea a couple years ago for somewhere between $1400 to $1600 (I don’t remember the exact price) but I had to be patient for the right buyer.

The airalite version would be heavier than the kevlar version.

Did you mean aramid/Kevlar in your ad? They are often interchanged and are basically the same.

Good luck selling it.

Howdy neighbor!
That’s great.

I love Lake CHX! Living close to Depot Beach and Ferry - We are there with the family frequently. What a blessing it is. The kids love being on the lake with their little sit on tops and one Sundolphin that we have for the kids.

If you happen to see my boys around (who are a bit older now) come over and say hi!