Help ID a canoe

I am thinking of buying a canoe that I cannot identify but maybe someone can help with a distinguishing feature. First of all it is a 16ft fiberglass cloth tandem canoe with all wood trim and cane seats. The unique feature is the structural ribbing built into the bottom inside of the hull. It has a lengthwise (along keel area) rib and 6 athwart ribs spaced along the middle half of the boat for obvious stiffening and strengthening. Any well-known builders use this design method? Maybe Wenonah? Anybody?

Its got an HIN on the stern
your canoe could be from one of many makers.

What is the HIN?

No #
No number is visible and I do believe some nmanufacturers used brass plates (that can comeoff) and even magic-markers that can wear off. Has been painted once since new and I believe its at least 15-20 yrs old.

Wenonah uses metal plates for HIN
(or did. My newest one is Royalex)…but that’s not new to you/

A picture sure would help.

Wenonah Center Rib Layup
Wenonah built center-rib hulls for many years. The center rib was as you describe and from the thwart down to the rib were shock absorbers. they were telescoping aluminum.

Many backyard builders used the center rib for stiffening and put wood props from the thwarts to the center rib to prevent hull flex and oil canning.

Wenonahs all had the metal ID plate riveted to the hull on the right side of the stern just under the gunwales. If the plate was removed there will still be traces of the rivets or rivet holes in the hull. If it was a homemade hull, there would not be a ID tag. Wenonah composite rec hulls all had float tanks in the ends.


Has float tanks,…maybe a Malecite?
Yeah the canoe has float tanks built into the ends. I know I had a Mad River Malecite that also had this feature. Did the composite Malecites ever have a keel area inner support and about 6 rib supports?

I don’t think it’s a Malecite
I just purchased a 1988 fiberglass Malecite. There are no stiffening ribs and the number is stamped into the hull. I also think that the Malecite design has not changed since 1971.

Hope this helps.