Help ID my canoe

Hello. I purchased this canoe at a garage sale and would like to use it this summer with my wife/toddler. It looks to be in decent condition and wanted to see if anyone has insight on whether it was a good purchase. I got It for $100.
I am not seeing any markings that would lead me to the manufacturer. Also, Is it wise to try to strip the paint that is already falling off the exterior?

Looks like Aluminum? If it is, strip away.

Looks like one of many Grumman aluminum canoes or a clone.

Looks like a Grumman, but never saw an M stamped on a Grumman seat, usually crossed paddles. Regardless, it was a good buy for $100. Be gentle when stripping/sanding/scraping not to loosen any rivets. And look for signs that any seams have been puttied/epoxied/RTV’d. I am always leery of owner-painted aluminum canoes, but even if you find a few issues, it was still a good buy at $100!

probably a Marathon canoe. looks like maybe a 14 or 15 footer

Looks to me like you got a good deal and if your handy you’ll have a canoe that you and your family will have some fun with.
One thing: make sure the flotation at each end is in good shape

I would strip the paint. Aluminum does not allow paint to adhere well unless it is primed with an etching primer and the paint will likely continue to peel off. And it adds weight. Try Citristrip.