help ID Sea Kayak Manufacturer?

So I am a totally newbie to paddle sports, aside from a lot of canoeing in my youth, but I just happened into an older 17’ fiberglass sea touring kayak from a friend and after one trip, I’m hooked.

But now that I have this thing, I’d like to learn a little more about the maker, model, etc… if possible.

All I have to go by is a partially legible rectangle label inside the cockpit. The only words I can make out are the big and bold: “BLANK Kayak Works”
(clearly the manufacturer, but the word immediately before the “Kayak” is obliterated aside from it’s last letter which is an “e”.
So it is “BLANK-e Kayak Works.”

Also, at the very bottom there’s clearly their slogan/statement that reads something like:
“Laminated and BLANK BLANK BLANK pressure…
using the finest materials available.”

That’s all I can make out for now. Ring any bells? No amount of google-searching turns up anything with those limited details. Any help would be appreciated!

Congrats on the boat. I hope you get many years of happy paddling from it. Please post clear pictures of label plate and overall kayak to include hatches, cockpit, seat, skeg or rudder. The more visual details the better chance of correctly ID’ing the manufacturer.

See if it has an ID# rear starboard hull. That will give you mfg.