help identify a kayak

is this an epic?

i tried to read through the whole website but got busy at work…

Must be
I’m no expert, but it does say Epic on the bow.


thanks–i must be going blind!
i’d like to here his opinion on the rudder system, his site did say he was getting a new boat ready…so did he switch to the Epic?

That mini skeg on the rudder looks
vulnerable to damage, since it’s always deployed. I’d also like some reviews and/or feedback on it.

OK , read enough of his diary
to find that he’s now in an Epic…i’m curious too about his choice…seems again that he could have chosen any kayak he wanted to paddle 15 thousand k’s in…and he chose one with an integral rudder and he’s def. seen big seas in the crossing from spain to afica and the epic rudder is nowhere near as long as the one offered by mirage for big seas.

I can think of several advantages to the integral rudder, hmmm

epic has been his sponsor when he started the trip last year. this is his 2nd boat. first boat from london to gibraltar did not have the integrated rudder. werner is from south africa so maybe some connection with oscar chalupsky?

Looks Sponsored to me
It would appear from the logos, that this guy is sponsored. Not sure if that includes sponsorship from Epic. If so that would explain his choice of boat.

I like the new Epics, except I and others remain skeptical about the wagging tail rudder. I don’t expect we will see such a device on the Epic surfskis anytime soon.

I’m curious. What do you see as the advantages of the integral wagging tail rudder? Some disadvantages have already been discussed on P.Net. Some shallow water steering control is the only benefit I can think of. We have also read first hand testimonials about folks who have paddled and/or seen the wagging tail in operation. These testimonials increased skepticism.

I am a want Epic to get this right. There are too few companies selling smart efficient sea kayak designs suitable for high performance paddlers that do not want to paddle a surfski. The Epic fits the bill, except for that darn rudder.

What are your intentions?
After re-reading your posts it would seem you are in some way attempting to promote or do damage control for the much-maligned wagging tail rudders on the new Epic X series sea kayaks.

You can tell us that you are in no way connected with or own an Epic and I will not say another word about this. But to be honest your postings have a naive-one-minute-expert-the-next tone very similar to the sad folks who were trying to promote the Bending Branches Kayak Kickstand here on P.Net.