Help Identify Alumacraft please

I need to positively identify my Alumacraft canoe for which model and year it is. Does anyone here know a resource for getting this job done?

As a bonus I would like to get a new set of decals for it but so far Alumacraft doesn’t respond. Ideas for this are appreciated also.

Decals if you have a decent picture some one can copy them. Post pictures of entire boat and dimensions I would say. I have no clue on canoes.

Hard to tell the date. Appears to be in the :80’s but someone has tried to alter the date.( the year is the last two numbers)

Assuming the last characters to be 80L, the boat was registered (built) in July of 1980. If you want to know the model, in addition to posting some photos here, take an accurate measurement of the overall length and the beam (width) at the widest point.