Help Identify My Canoe

I have picked up an old canoe that was submerged in a river for a while and I intend on fixing it up.
I would like to know what type of canoe it is but the logo is mostly peeled off and all I have is the serial number.
I have attached some photos, if anyone has seen one like this before, please let me know.

Thank you!


Evergreen Canoe Co Ltd is owned by and is located at 919 Oxford Street in Toronto state of Ontario from this page

Thank you!

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Thank YOU for acknowledging Andy’s info. There are so many folks who come here looking for advice, get it, and don’t have the courtesy to offer thanks or even that they read any responses. Nice to see you’re not one of them.

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Thank you!

the bad news… Evergreen Canoe is no longer in business

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@Casey’s Canoe said:
Thank you!

the bad news… Evergreen Canoe is no longer in business

Ya I learned that once I started doing some research on them.
I’m still trying to find out what model it is and hoping I can find some gunwales for it.

I may just find a place to buy some ash for it though.

It looks like a Prospector hull. The Evergreen Prospector 16 was a popular boat up north. If it is 16 feet in length overall, and about 34" at the beam, I think you can safely assume that is what it is. I think Evergreen also made a 17’ Prospector that was not quite as popular.

It may be the perspective of the photo, but it looks as if that boat is missing a center yoke/thwart. The Evergreen Prospector typically came with a center yoke, and a second thwart between the stern seat and center. I see what looks like the rear thwart, but, but nothing at center. Are there holes in the gunwales at center that suggest a yoke/thwart has been removed?

If so, or if that existing thwart is not centered, I would strongly advise you to install a proper center yoke or thwart.

The yoke is there, it just fell off apparently but I have it.

I would assume it is about 16 ft. My clipper tripper 17 is right beside it and it is definitely shorter than that.

Thank you for the info!