Help Identify my Kayak

I am looking at a kayak to possibly buy but I don’t know exactly what it is. The current owner doesn’t have any paperwork on it and he has no clue. It looks like a Phoenix Isere but is a little shorter. It measures just under 14’. The serial number is PHX303040478. It is very light maybe under 30lbs. The hull material almost looks like Kevlar, but might be fiberglass. You can almost see through it. The top part of the hull is red. Can anyone help?

nice picture
4 meter kayak from back in the day…is all anyone can tell by the info and the missing picture…sorry

serial number
Was hoping some one would know how to track the serial number if possible. Wasn’t looking for someone to bash me because I didn’t take a photo with my ghost camera.

Poke boat

Thank you


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Most likely, it's a Phoenix Cascade with a fiberglass / nylon combination hull. I have one of those (made in 1974) and it's still a great boat. I put a skeg on it to make it track a little better in wind and waves. If you value comfort (I don't), pass.

Ooh, sassy
With that attitude I don’t see why people aren’t falling over themselves to help you out

Man that brings back memories.
I am thinking that the C1 I owned 20 years ago might have been a Phoenix. I never could keep it upright for very long. Gave up after a year or two.

I really wish everyone could chill out a bit. No need for the ranker.

I still have my Phoenix “Seewun” c-1
A fast cruiser for a c-boat, but a rotten handler. In “Fiberlastic” layup it was durable as poly, but just as heavy. Only one patch needed in many years of abuse.