Help identify my kayaks

Hi, we are immigrating to Australia and have 2 kayaks to sell, however I would like your help to identify what type of kayaks I have. I can’t sell if I do not even know what I am selling :wink: . I have uploaded the photos onto my google drive:

Appreciate your help.
Kind Regards

The green one is an older style whitewater boat, don’t know what brand. Most potential buyers won’t spend more than a couple hundred on it, $100 will sell it to someone looking for a boat to putz around in.

The second is what would currently be called a rec boat. I am less familiar with this pricing, but two to three hundred would get it sold.

It looks like both are in good shape.

Before you sell the rec boat, check out
It’s an older model, probably not worth 3-4 thousand, but certainly more than 2-3 hundred.

The Yellow kayak appears to be an older Epic GPX. Looks like a carbon fiber layup, based on internal color. Weight was ~25-30lbs. Kayak most likely retailed new, for $2000+ . Looking at the hatch style, I am guessing late 90s early 2000s. Certainly worth more $200-300.

Not an Epic. It looks more like a Hurricane Santee or something similar. Celia’s price is probably a bit low if that’s whet it is. Mayve $500 as new they are over $1,000. The green one looks a bit like a Perception Pirouette. Celia’s probably correct on the price.

I may be a bit low on the yellow boat, but that rear hatch cover is odd at best. Doesn’t match any Epic setup I have ever seen. Question to the OPer - is there a bulkhead in the front? If yes add a couple hundred bucks to my estimate, whatever it is.

Maybe the word “Epic" on the front, and the “e” on the back, mean nothing. My older Epic 18xs , has the same logo markings , front and back.

@Medawgone If you can read epic I am sure you are right. I couldn’t get the logo or the words to a point I could read them. No usual indications of a front bulkhead though, unless it was one of the really old setups with the access being thru the front bulkhead. That presence or lack thereof could alter the price.

The yellow boat is an Epic GP, the precursor to the GPX. The boats were made in South Africa in 2004, but the logo on this boat is newer so I assume somewhere between 2005 and 2008 - not sure when the boat became GPX and they changed the rear hatch. It is an awesome “rec” boat, very efficient for its 12’8" length and sporting front and rear bulkheads. Very light at around 30 lbs. An accomplished sea kayaker would appreciate paddling this “rec” boat as it responds nicely to edging, lean turns, etc. even with its 25" width. There are not a lot of them around, but I see them occasionally in the $700 range used. Yes, I own one. Don’t paddle it much these days but it’s so light and easy, it’s nice to have around.

The “e” on the stern(car topped picture), is the easiest, to see. It is most likely, an early production model. Maybe even a prototype. Not sure, when Epic started. The hatch, looks like a screw top. The inside of the kayak, is black. Thus indicating carbon kevlar. Guesstimate it might resale $600- $800, depending on the market. 25-30lb composite kayaks, tend to sell around here.

I am guessing by car top picture of RHD Megane and house picture, this is perhaps South Africa. Which also explains the ZA Epic connection.