Help identify old Mad River canoe/kayak

gunwale down
ie upside down.

That’s how we transport the Monarch… and its got some 10,000 road miles on it.

Make sure the rudder assembly is free to rotate and the rudder not up nor the mechanism in contact with the ground

However in the barn it sits on foam cradles off the floor right side up.

Never tried to store it on its side…

I’ve stored mine on it’s side with no
issues on supports about 8’ apart.

My Sawyer Loon was stored the same way for about six years before I got the Moonarch.

The most recommended position is gunwales down.

Please keep info coming. I’m trying to post some pics on a site soon. Read so many posts about beefing up the soft spots (guessing front and rear of cockpit) replacing the rudder with newer brand, replacing the footpegs (since I only have 1) Does your have foam blocks all the way squeezed into the bow and stern? Airbags the way to go? Huge storage. Thanks

Mine has spray-in expanding foam in
the very ends of the stern and bow. Probably just enough to float the boat at surface level if full of water.

kayamedic, curious you transport it upside down on the car but store it right side up on foam blocks. Why both ways?

Yanoer, think my was foamed in and it slowly rotted out except for stuff way back in the corners. I wonder if it can get refoamed? I put some pics up on canoetripping if that helps.

Peering into the depths there is spray
in foam at the stern and bow way up… that must be what is disintegrating… There does not seem to be much…

There was a thread somewhere about spray in foam being open cell ( absorbs water) but there must be some spray in stuff that is closed cell. Alternatively make your own wad of pool noodle (tight ) and jam in for enough floatation to keep the boat on the surface.

I keep mine upright on the floor on top of an old hot tub cover… Its fine… Being on the floor coaming down would be harder to extract from the garage. I don’t find the boat to be fussy about storage. What year is yours? Mine is old too… I think 87 though I would have to run out and check again. The only way I wouldn’t store it is pointy end 17 feet up… ( I have seen kayaks stored that way in loft apartments!!!)

I saw and took a pic of the serial numbers on the right side of the stern. What do I do next to figure out the year? Do I call Mad River? I read the were taken over or sold to another company. I understand now about storage. I just rebuilt storage for my boats exactly a year ago and now have to do it again. Remember the quote from Jaws? “Think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Well it looks like I’m getting close to needing a bigger garage. Or rent me a loft in the city!

The last two numbers are the year
Yanoer would be happy to store the boat for you! He’s in Illinois.

I believe there are kayak clubs that store boats but I don’t know which ones.

Holy cow!

My son moved to Chicago this summer, lovely place. We did the architecture boat trip there and the paddlers were out. Maybe one day we will meet up for a paddle. Does this site have private messages to send e mail?

Took out “Big Red” today to test paddle. Rudder was taken off because it was bent, the area I was going to paddle today was quiet and no need for the rudder. Boat floats, my friend showed be a better way to position the seat. It glided pretty well, and was responsive turning. I used a double blade 230 cm paddle and I did hit my hands on the combing, ouch! I need to try a 250 cm paddle and keep hands raised or put water pipe foam insulation on the combing. My friend paddled it with a bent canoe paddle (short) then switched over to a longer straight canoe paddle and he made it go where he wanted to. I need to work on j stroke. On the way back to the put in I was wiggling my butt around and “Bam!” My seat slide off the bracket on one side and I was sitting tilted. Need to figure out about securing it better. My back was sore for some reason, maybe the tight wet suit since it was 34f this morning, or paddling without a backrest since I’m used to kayaking a lot. Who knows. Boat will be a work in progress, thanks for all the help. Please keep in touch so I can e mail pics, thanks CF

Seat should have a cord that secures it.
Bet yours is gone. My seat doesn’t move at all… Will try to post another seat picture over on canoetripping.

Bam is not what you want to do… and the lack of a footbrace on one side is surely doing your back no favors. When its there I think you may not miss a backband.

When the rudder is in position you can cock it slightly to maintain a course that abolishes both the J and any need to switch ( though excercising all muscles equally is commendable). Learning the J stroke is a noble thing to do but not necessary with a bent shaft in a fixed up Monarch.

I use a 225cm in mine and don’t bust
knuckles. I use a high angle stroke. I use that same paddle in other solo canoes with no issues. I paddle it with the seat in either the medium or high position. If you’re using it in the low position, then knuckle knocking is more likely with the kayak paddle.

I seldom use the rudder in mine, because I’m seldom in situations where it would improve my paddling experience.

The Monarch paddles quite nicely with a bent shaft canoe paddle - even without the rudder.

Have fun, it’s a great and very versatile boat.