Help identify old Mad River canoe/kayak

Just picked it up on Craig’s List near my area. Really cheap, can’t find info. Took pics but not ready to put up. Here’s the info…

app 15ft long

plastic/metal seat that slides up to lower it for kayaking and raise it up for canoeing

rudder system (needs to be bent back and reset

short metal sliding footpegs, missing one

app 35lbs, fiberglass

large rec like cockpit

no backrest


got that kevlar look inside…will get pics up hopfully tonight or tomorrow…thanks

foam on inside for flotation pretty much fell apart

The decked over Monarch has a dual height, sliding, seat and footpegs. Locally in high demand, especially in Kevlar.

Sounds like a junior Mad River Monarch

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the description fits though the Monarch is over seventeen feet long.

I'm not aware that Mad River made any smaller sea canoes.

The Monarch never had floatation.. Sound like someone added it. There were float bags originally for it.

Someone didn't know the value of what they were selling even if it needs a new footpeg. The rudders on Monarchs always have been the weak point.

Good Find. I'd be upset about missing that one but I already have a Monarch.

Google Images of Mad River Monarch. Its a Verlen Kruger designed boat… high demand and great boat for sure. Predates his Loon and Sea Wind.

Maybe it is 17ft, not sure, will measure it and get back to you…whatever it is cost…ready…$112.50 :slight_smile:

holy cow!
It is a touch over 17ft! whoo hoo! Thanks, will keep you posted about it

I’ll be sending my hit men over

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to take possession!

Just kidding. Its a great boat for big water.And you have that at home!

But just where do you store it in NYC??

Dan Cooke of Cooke Custom Sewing makes a two part skirt for it. Its not hard at all to pop rivet the female end of the snap around the coaming.

Monarch really does way better with a single bent shaft blade. A double is a knuckle rapper unless its long. The kevlar around the top of the coaming is not nice to your hands if you bang a knuckle.

In my bedroom…my wife is kicking me out! this hobby is dangerous for a marriage…gotta go…

Was that the one in Farmingdale?
Congratulations, I was trying to make arrangements for it.

The actual weight will be a bit over 50 lbs.

You have a fine boat there - even without the rudder.

This is all hilarious
I bought my Monarch from Yanoer for a bit more. It was pristine though. Now Yanoer was seeking a Monarch again… probably cash flow entered into all this for sure. I get the horse trading! If the weather were better here I actually may have made a run to LI for him if he were able to wait for the boat till June (not likely!)

I’ve had a great time in mine and spent weeks on Lake Superior and the Maine coast with mine this summer.

Anyway you know who wants the boat should your wife give you an ultimatum.

It would have been my river boat.
For that kind of money, I wouldn’t mind scratching it up. I’d still have the smooth bottom boat for distance.

It’s a sickness. I need more storage. I’ve bought more boats than I’ve sold. I need to sell three sea/touring kayaks.

yes it is
I’m sorry. Seller told me someone from Il was interested, I thought he was kidding or just wanted to make me come over right away. Il? Really? 700 miles away? My friend thought that the seller was playing me. I tell the seller that I’m really app 5 miles away and he tells me to come on over. I wouldn’t jump in front of another buyer like that, sorry. But when the wife kicks me out because we , yea I tell her they’re our boats, now have 5 boats. I was going to give my Pungo 120 away but now it looks like that will still be my beater boat. I hate this, still need that old used RX solo canoe…search tempest anyone? Didn’t feel like 35lbs also when I was walking with it…50lbs? Be well

kayamedic…any pics you can share? Suggestions for finding another short footbrace? Rudder cables are all over the place, seller told me the rudder was bent. Cold and rainy here today, where are you located?

I just googled some, looks like my rudder isn’t bent. Will keep looking.

I’m in Maine
email me and early next week I can email some pics of the rudder assembly and the inside. I don’t have picture details of how everything is cabled inside but if you give me a couple of days I can do that. I have to have surgery Monday and have to travel to Mass tomorrow. Plus we have a bit of snow coming.

Im in Maine about seven hours from you so bringing my Monarch over so you can examine the rudder mechanisms and footbrace isn’t going to happen

If you can find Mike McCrea online he has a Monarch too.

Just spent a long time looking at pics, websites…think I just read about Mike helping someone with a Monarch making into into a sailing canoe? The website for pics wasn’t running but I read a 7 day outfitting about it. Wow. Also read about Mountain (?) that sells some gear.

Maine? Need to go there for the NFCT section one day. Took the family near Bar Harbor years ago, think we stayed at Black Woods? Can’t remember but i hiked up the Bee’s hive? Also took them up to Cadillac Mtn…whew, sorry, loved Maine…Also took kids up to Kathadin after that when I had 2 ok knees. Did a few hikes with viewsfromthetop groups. Did I say I loved Maine? Will keep in touch.

feel better
forgot to wish you a safe and quick recovery. Be well. David

Info on Monarch

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Appreciate the help, thank you. Will go float the boat in a few days to check it out. I read the reviews on pnet about the rudder and beefing it up. Will talk to a few people at our club meeting for suggestions.

Any suggestions how to store this boat? I’m thinking sideways because it’s more like a kayak. I did see a google pic when it was being transported on top of a car like a canoe. Appreciate it.