Help Identify Old Mad River Canoe

Any help I could get in identifying my old canoe would be deeply appreciated. I bought it in March. It’s a 16-foot Mad River kevlar solo canoe, with wood gunwales, serial number MADS22000876.

Anyone have any ideas?

mad river
Call them and ask?

Bill H.

The Screamer was a MRC 16 ft ACA downriver racer that, over time became the Fingerling and Traveler as it was cut down for recreational use.


love that traveler
What were the differences bewtween the screamer and the traveler?


Traveler and Fingerling were Screamers with the freeboard cut down. In the case of Fingerling; by too much.

Old Mad River
Dat ol’ mad river

He mus’know sumpin’

But don’t say nuthin’,

He jes’keeps rollin’

He keeps on rollin’ along

5 point bonus
If you know how the Screamer got it’s name or the " as legend has it" version. I have to go down into America for a few days. Will award the bonus on my return.

Someone in Waitsfield told me it was because Jim Henry’s kid was a screamer.

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That’s the way legend has it. 5 point bonus.

Jim’s kid was a screamer- and that is how the boat got its name- trust me- i’am her