Help Identify - Old Town Mohawk 15' ?

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Can anyone help me ID this canoe?

The seller is calling it an Old Town Mohawk Sport. I can't find any info on it.

I'm looking to get back into paddling after a 5 year hiatus. I want something lightweight, so I can get it on and off my Jeep by myself (will be paddling tandem). Mainly looking for something to use on flat water that will track well. Thoughts? Any advice on the "peeling"?

Also, how can I tell if this thing is actually made of kevlar vs. fiberglass?

Ya know Mohawk Canoes made a Mohawk Sport 14 in Royalex ? You sure it’s not one of them ? It was in camo too ( it may even still be in production.

Old Town?
I think it actually is an Old Town, because its written on the side, and the current owner says it has the Old Town metal plaque on the deck. He also swears it is not a Royalex-type material. Problem is, it’s a few hours from my house, and I only want to drive to it if I can figure out what it is.

Get hull number
And call old town. They will tell you

Probably is Old Town

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On 2nd thought…
Just looked at the photo and I think this is a recent special edition Camper in a special camo in ROYALEX. A few years ago they made a limited run of these and the price was around $1500. Pretty certain it is not composite. You just need a photo of the interior and lack of flotation chambers at the ends will confirm its not composite.